If you think of a captain of a ship back then and now, there will be a complete contrast in the duties and responsibilities they hold. The times have changed and so have the external forces and circumstances under which they should operate. The basic role of a captain will be similar but there will be a lot of additional skill requirements and knowledge levels required by the modern day captains for the simple reason that they integrate a lot of advance technology for monitoring weather conditions, risk surveillance and GPS tracking tools. The role of a captain will be incompetent if he doesn’t have sound knowledge in these areas.

Similarly, every job role in any industry have changed immensely and for example, today even if you see a post on the web stating design jobs Hong Kong, you know they expect a lot of creativity, originality and professionality in the person as they do not simply expect a person sitting in front of a computer working on whatever designs given by the higher level of management. Businesses do expect ideas and skills of employees at all levels and they focus on a collaborative work environment in working together for a better outcome. Here you go with 3 modern day roles that must be there in any marketing firm. 

1) The Falcon

This role particularly expects the person to act and think like an eagle that is far sighted and can aim things better and faster than anyone else. They usually don’t mingle with the mainstream birds and their habitat happens a bit ahead of others and this kind of behavior should be there in the modern day marketer as there will be lots of other competitors in the market but only falcons can prey on their targets first.

2) The Story Teller

Every business needs a story teller who can relate incidents and repot to the project manager well to be acted upon. Marketing firms will put up posts saying graphic design for hire or social media executive, technical content writer for hire simply to bring in young energy and creativity into the organization. This role of story teller ideally suits the modern day generation who has possible talents to create a story board out of any theme they get and people prefer stories over and above heavy content that may seem boring.

3) The Writer

Marketing firms must always make sure that their partners, clients or alliances are kept high on topic at all times in the form of blog posts, social media content, video platforms to make sure they never go out of reach. The writers are possibly the people who have the ability to create such interesting and catchy content.

These are some of the essential roles for a modern day marketing firm to run its day to day to operations as well as long-run activities in a way where they can optimize on profits and corporate goodwill.