Non-employment rate has become a burning issue in many countries nowadays. It is a waste of valuable resources as well since the educated and skilled youth with a great potential in vain get old. If they were properly occupied in time they pass out the schools or universities, the country can acquire various benefits. Unemployment has caused youth unrest in most of the countries too and it is seen that many strikes and picketing are organized by unemployed youth in many countries. Apart from the strikes and picketing, the reasons for the increasing rate of drug attics and number of criminal offenders can also be named as consequences of unemployed youth. Therefore it becomes a responsibility of every governing body of the countries to provide sufficient opportunities for the unemployed youth. Following are several ways in which the unemployment rate can be minimized.

Employment based education

A fair percentage of the unemployed number of youth comprises the ones who have acquired great educational qualifications in many countries. Therefore it is needed that the education system of the country be employment based. The curriculum of the schools and the universities need to be revised as per the work force requirement of the country. With the globalization and advancement of technology it is highly required that every employee be fluent in English and be highly computer literate. In such an era if the schools and universities do not provide facilities and sufficient guidance to furnish the future generations with such, the rate of unemployment is more likely to increase.

Segregation of tasks

In many institutions it is seen that some tasks are concentrated on one person making such person unnecessarily stressed out. If such tasks are segregated and distributed to several employees many employees can be recruited which can minimize both the unemployment rate and the stress level of the unnecessarily burdened employees. Logistics jobs Sydney, motor car manufacturing career, apparel sector are several employment categories where tasks can be segregated.

Defining new occupation

With the advancement of technology, communication and transportation, new fields are emerged and new employment opportunities and sectors can be created. For an instance outsourcing has become a new area that is used in business and there are many employments. Employment types can also differentiated and newly categorized as part time employees, casual employees, and seasonal employees. Look here if you are looking for freight forwarding jobs.

Encouraging new investments and businesses

The businesses can provide for a number of employees and the encouraging of new businesses can remedy the unemployment problem of the countries. When a business or a company is established all the employees needed for such need to be freshly recruited. For an instance imagine an airport has been built in your area. A vast number of human resources are needed for the operation of the airport. All such employees have to be recruited and that can recruit the unemployed persons in the country.