Knowing The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Pastor

The Bible terms pastor as an overseer and it truly makes sense to view them so. A pastor may not be present all time at the church but he has a number of duties and responsibilities. The growth of the church and bringing together the Christians under the same leadership is the work of a pastor. Several youth aspire to land in pastoral care jobs without knowing much about the intent and content of this job.
The following gives a detail insight about the nature of job and the allied duties of a pastor:
When we talk about the pastoral care jobs Australia the first aspect are the prayers. Prayers lead the way to Jesus and will help the people to follow the rightful path. Pastor will have to hold worship sessions and is the overseer of the Sunday morning prayers. Reading the bible and performing the sermons are some of the key duties of the pastor in a church.
Advice and counselling is another major duty of the pastor. As the pastor is an embodiment of love, compassion and empathy they are the right people to help the people at fault, to repent and get back to their normal life. People who have confessed their sins to the priests may need emotional support to get over their repentance. This is perfectly done through counselling by the pastor in a church. Through calm and soothing words, pastor also advice the couples who are on the verge of separation to understand the essence of family.

Lead the crowd
Biblical principle governs the working of the church. It is the duty and responsibility of the pastor to ensure that all the activities in the church are done under strict discipline. The moral virtues of the church must be maintained by the pastor and he has the authority to channelize the intentions of the church members in the right way. He has to overview the behaviour of the members of the church and intervenes when things drift away from the normal lines.
Impart biblical knowledge
Pastor is also a teacher in all respect. With an immense knowledge about the Bible, he perfectly spreads the essence of the same amongst the members. He should possess theological knowledge about the Bible and must be able to conduct study sessions to help people lead a religious life.
Maintain church discipline
It is essential for the pastor to understand the general principles that govern the running of the church. He is an overseer and must maintain the discipline of the church to keep it in line with the biblical representation.
To perform all these duties a pastor will have to possess a formal training or a master’s degree in biblical study.

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